About Us

Committed to Making a Difference if you feel the same JOIN THE MOVEMENT

JALIL MYERS (FOUNDER,CEO)                           Jalil WRIGHT (Brand Ambassador)

Our Mission

Committed to motivating and helping the lives in need 

At G4G : Grind4GREATNESS, we’re committed to building a society where every young people can easily realize their potential and achieve their goals. We believe that providing children a nurturing environment is essential to their overall development. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders, and through personalized attention and guidance we are essentially providing them with all the resources they need to thrive as leaders in years to come.

We All Have Our Own Story

The G4G Founder Jalil Myers story is a GREAT one that soon will be told. 

The Brand Ambassador Jalil Wright also has his own story to tell as he pursue music, photography and more. 

Both being named "JALIL" is its own story. 

GREATNESS is Earned, so GRIND 4 it! Stay Updated with their journey as we post milestones on the YOUTUBE CHANNEL. 

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